Whatever your outdoor activity, sooner or later you will lie down.
Impressed by the possibilities offered by this first quality parachute silk nylon we have worked with our specialists to create a line of inovative products. Parachute silk nylon is a very strong fabric and, most of all, an extremely light one. Futhermore, it is machine washable in cold water, dries real fast outside and is the perfect fabric to make products that will follow you almost anywhere

TREK hammock chairs

Our suspended chairs, made with the finest quality of breathable parachute silk nylon and aluminum tubing structure, are very comfortable, elegant and robust.

They only require one attachment node at the top, whether inside or outside. They can be folded in their own bag for easy storage or transportation. Lightweight and compact, you can take them with you when going for a walk in the woods, or set it up in the garden or use it inside your home. They can be installed anywhere, inside or outside.

 Beach blanket
This multipurpose piece of parachute silk nylon is easy to carry and perfect to use on the sand, at the campsite, or while picnicking at the park. This blanket is made of a piece of parachute nylon, with bottom sand pockets that let you easily secure it in place.

The nylon is not only attractive and durable, but it resists sand buildup, so you can shake it off quickly before leaving the beach.

No more dealing with heavy, messy towels that weight you.

The beach blanket also comes with a built-in stuff sack for easy transport. As a bonus, this "para-sheet" stays cool on hot summer days. This quick-dry beach blanket covers a 7'x7' (2,1m X 2,1m) area and comfortably fits a small family. Great for the beach, picnics, the park, ball games, as a picnic tablecloth.

Best beach blanket you will ever have!

Sleep sack / travel sheet

Slip into the comfort of a Trek Hamaca sleep sack on your next adventure.

This versatile piece of sleeping gear is usefull while camping or traveling. This sleep sack functions beautifully as a warm weather ultra-light sleeping bag. It can also extend the life of your regular sleeping bag when used as a bag liner. It is essential and wonderfully useful when staying in hostels and adventure hotels.

The sleep sack measure 80cm X 200cm (32" X  78") and weighs only 300gr (10oz). It is made from super soft breathable parachute silk nylon and comes with a pillow case at the top. The travel bag is attached to it so you won’t loose it.

Another compact, light, comfortable and easy-care product from Trek Hamaca.


Our shoulder bags are made with the finest quality of breathable parachute silk nylon. Made of two different colors they are machine washable and fast drying when hung outside. The side walls are doubled for more streght.

Very light and compact when folded in their attached travel bag (only 15cm X 10cm)(6" X  4"), they transform into a most practical  35cm X 50cm (14" X 20"), 14 l. bag when needed. And this bag only weighs 125gr (4oz).


This ECO Bag is made with the finest quality of breathable parachute silk. nylon It is so compact when folded in its attached bag that you will allways carry one with you. When unfolded it becomes a 12 L very usefull bag. Ideal for groceries, as a beach bag or for that impulsive purchase. Opens to 48cm X 48cm (19" X 19") but measures less than 10cm X 7cm (4" X 3") when folded.

Think about the environment and put and end to plastic bag production!


Our Fresbee flies very well without hurting others. It is made with a circular piece of parachute nylon surrounded by a sand-reinforced Parachute rim. On impact, it will collapse. It is available in various colors and weighs only 200gr (7 oz).

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