Whatever your outdoor activity, sooner or later you will lie down.

TREK Hamaca hammocks appeal to the backpacker, the trekker, the cyclist, the traveler, the canoeist, the climber, the diver, the boater, the hunter, in fact any outdoors person who wants to rest and relax after his favorite activity.

Our hammocks sets up in less than a minute out of their own tiny internal pocket

These hammocks are made from colorful high grade parachute silk nylon, which conforms to your body hence no pressure points for a healthier rest.

This soft fabric is also porous allowing your body to breathe, therefore preventing sweating.

Our parachute silk nylon will not rot, shrink, run, develop mildew or perish. It will not sag like lesser quality fabrics. Our hammocks are rated over 160 kg and the 5 mm climbing rope supplied is rated at 300 kg with a strong 6 mm metal hook.

Our hammocks are suited for all ages as they are easy and safe to get in and out of.

They can be hung inside or outside from trees, rocks, poles, climbing slings, in the garage, the guest room, the patio, the garden, at campsites, on beaches, at the airport…

In fact, virtually anywhere!

Camping in a hammock

Anywhere a tent can't go, the Trek Hamaca camping hammock is there.

Users don't have to carry added bulky weight such as ground tarps and sleeping pad. It provides instant comfort over rocky, wet, or sloping terrain.
The “Adventurer” hammock also protects you from insects, and small reptiles. This ultra-light hammock keeps pest out so you can get a good night sleep. This hammock comes with a fine mosquito netting to ensure that no bugs or insects enter it. The built-in zipper that runs the length of the hammock allows easy entry/exit.

For an afternoon nap or when the bugs are not an issue, just flip it and use it as a regular hammock.

For those who want to travel light but still demand a comfortable night’s sleep, the parachute hammock is an indispensable part of the traveling equipment. Tested in all climates around the world, it is equally at home on an exotic island or your own back yard or balcony.

Sleeping in a hammock is a low impact activity, from en environmental point of view, since no stakes or leveling is needed, and no damage is made. It respects the “leave no trace” outdoor ethics.

When the bugs are the most ferocious, the Cocoon bug net is the answer !

To be used with either the XL or the XXL TREK Hamaca hammock, this oversized mosquito net completely encloses your hammock to protect you from biting insects. Double pull zippers make it easy to get in and out of your bug free cocoon. Enjoy your time in the backyard or the backcountry without any concern for mosquitoes, black flies or other insects. If the bugs are elsewhere, you simply don't use it. It's your choice!

 Hang our waterproof tarp above your hammock and kiss your tent goodbye.

Camping hammocks