Whatever your outdoor activity, sooner or later you will lie down.

Hanging your hammock

Using our hanging cord kit is the easiest way to hang your hammock. These cords are 15' each and are pre-knotted. Wrap them around trees, poles or the objects of your choice. Thread the end of the rope through the loop, tension rope and fix the hammock hook to the desired knot setting. Add knots when needed.For maximum comfort when lying down, the trees/posts should be at least 10 feet apart. For shorter or longer distances you will have to fix the cords higher.

Once installed, the lowest part (center) of the hammock should hang between your knees and hips. You can also enjoy the comfort of our hammocks on a sailboat. Hooked up to the mast and the forestay you can enjoy a consistently peaceful moment of pure relaxation.

How to lie down in a hammock

When trying a hammock for the first time, the reflex is to align oneself with the long hanging axis of the hammock, assuming the general shape of a banana. If you do, you may have a hard time understanding how million of people around the world can sleep in hammocks. The right way to lie down is diagonally. Depending on your height and the size of the hammock, an angle from 30 to 45 degrees will allow you to lie with your back relatively flat or on your side.

Caring for your Trek Hamaca products

A parachute silk hammock will give you many years of happy relaxation if you treat it with kindness. Although it is made of rip stop material, please avoid any sharp objects and be careful with jewels and shoes. Also avoid smoking in your hammock as embers from a cigarette can burn a hole in the parachute material. Finally, there are very few fabrics that will not react at all to sun rays. If permanently exposed to the sun, almost any material will fade and weaken.

Parachute silk nylon is machine washable in cold water and will dry fast if hung outdoors. Do not forget to remove all metal parts before washing. It is better to wash mosquito nets by hand with a mild detergent.


At Trek Hamaca, we guarantee all our products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the original purchase date.

Enjoy your hammock